Avoid Plumbing Emergencies by Scheduling Drain Cleaning

Have you noticed the drains in your Elk Grove, CA, home aren’t draining water as fast? Perhaps you’ve found yourself unclogging your toilet more often in recent months. Both of these signs point to clogged drains. Cleaning your drains can prevent these problems. Read on to learn why scheduling drain cleaning every few years is a good idea.

Eliminate Unpleasant Odors

You likely don’t think about your drains until they’ve clogged and water starts to overflow. The organic matter in draining water can degrade when it collects in your clogged drains. When it does, it’ll break down into bacteria, creating unpleasant odors in your plumbing system that eventually travel into your living spaces.

Protect Floors and Walls

If your toilet overflows because of a clogged drain, the water can damage flooring and walls. What’s more, it can spread so much that it damages other valuable property and possessions. To prevent substantial structural damage to floors and walls, schedule a drain cleaning. It’s cheaper than replacing water-damaged flooring and walls.

Keep Your Pipes in Pristine Condition

Leaks and corrosion are two of the most common problems that can plague your plumbing system’s pipes. If you recently repaired a small leak, you might have a false sense of security that there’s nothing else wrong. Scheduling a drain cleaning will provide you peace of mind knowing your pipes are clean. By doing so, you’ll also make them last longer.

Don’t neglect your plumbing system until it’s too late and you’re dealing with a serious leak or clogged drain. Contact Elk Grove Plumbing, Drain, Heating & Air to schedule your next plumbing service with us. We’re a family-owned and operated company that offers upfront prices and provides honest second opinions for anything you need. You can depend on us to repair your plumbing system correctly.

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